bOing Festival 2023

bOing Festival 2023

Another very successful bOing Festival took place at the University of Kent over the August 2023 bank holiday weekend on Saturday, 26th and Sunday, 27th August. This year Canterbury Climate Action Partnership (CCAP) offered to host a stall and we shared our marquee with Pat Edwards and her team representing Plastic Free Canterbury, one of our CCAP partners.

Catherine (centre), Danielle (right) and Yvonne (left)

Catherine Morris, Sustainability Manager for Health, Safety and the Environment at the University, and one of our directors, had organized a game for us to run entitled ‘How bad are bananas?’   The aim of the game was not to demonstrate that bananas are bad, but to compare them with other fruits in terms of their carbon footprint.  The game included a wide range of other food products we consume and items we use in our everyday lives, and you had to compare which of two items had the highest carbon footprint.

The stall was run by Danielle Ward, Lisa Carlson, Rick Norman and me (all directors of CCAP) and we were all delighted to see how popular it was with families.  In fact, it was the youngest children who outshone their parents by producing the correct answers in many cases.

Rick showing a Mum and her two children how the game works.

Over the two days, we were really pleased to see the number of families who were keen to engage with the game and so we will be using it again at our forthcoming Climate Action Festival in St Peter’s Methodist Church Hall on Saturday, 9th December.  We hope you will come along and play the game then.

The banana costume certainly adds to the game, and we all had a shot in it!

After the festival closed on the Sunday afternoon, Pat Edwards and I had the opportunity to visit the Luminarium Dodecalis attraction, which was pretty amazing.

It was indeed an excellent weekend and both organisations were able to showcase how we are addressing Climate Change here in Canterbury and helping to highlight the issues we face to those beyond our local communities.  Would we do it again next year?   Indeed, we would.

Yvonne Freeman
Company Secretary & Treasurer
Canterbury Climate Action Partnership

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