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Date 28 March 2022

Make do and mend: Repair Café returns in a time of household cost crisis

Canterbury Repair Café returned in March, and the next event is on 9 April, at the Hub Café, Baptist Church on St George’s Place, with organisers expecting a wave of new demand for the expertise on offer.

Organiser Keith Bothwell explains:

“The popularity of Repair Cafes has been rising across the last few years, as the environmental cost of our throw-away culture has become more and more apparent. Now with costs rising for households too, people are realising the economic value to fixing items rather than buying new.

From 9 April they will also have an Energy Help Desk, where home owners can get advice on how to reduce fuel bills by making their houses more energy-efficient: adding insulation and draught-proofing, solar panels and heat pumps etc.”

The Repair Café is a free community service, run entirely by skilled volunteers, who fix up a multitude of items including clothing, electricals, pottery, computers and bikes. Users can see new life breathed into objects they felt were ready for the scrap heap.

Like Terry Atkins, who came the Café on 12 March, with his bicycle for repair. He said “It’s really great that this service is here. I’d encourage anybody to come down and bring whatever they need repairing. It’s a fab service and it’s a ‘10’ from me!

Ru Thaker said “The atmosphere was lovely, as were the teas, coffees and cakes. I was very happy. Jonathan helped me and showed me how to fix my bike and Mike at IT gave me some very useful advice. Thank you all so much!”

Others said:

“It was really easy. I brought in my radio and they fixed it up like new. It’s a wonderful resource for Canterbury.”

“I found they have a group with sewing machines who very neatly fixed a rip in my old coat. It’s such a friendly atmosphere too, just full of people wanting to help.”

The Repair Café runs monthly at The Hub Café, at Baptist Church on St George’s Place, with the next free session on 9 April – 10 am to 12.30pm. No booking is necessary, users just turn up and there is even free tea and cake while you wait. The Canterbury Repair Café is run in partnership with the Canterbury Climate Action Partnership.



For more info or an interview with organiser Keith Bothwell on 07 753 678 853 or


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