Canterbury Climate Action Partnership


Our aims have been agreed by all our partnership groups and by extension, our residents (via residents’ associations), our young people (via the universities and youth groups), and our business community (via the Business Improvement District).

These aims are:

  • To support the Council in the implementation of their Climate Emergency and associated actions
  • To reduce consumption and the related carbon emissions throughout the district and work towards a net zero carbon Canterbury by 2030.
  • To promote the regeneration of our ecology and biodiversity and to increase the proportion of energy we consume that is generated locally from renewable sources.
  • To work with and support other groups that are campaigning for a more sustainable future and SDG implementation for/in our district: for better air quality, modal shift, sustainable transport, the reversal of habitat loss and bio-diversity collapse, sustainable land management, the avoidance of waste (reuse, repair, buy less), the conservation of water, better recycling rates, a reduction in the use of plastics generally and the eradication of single use plastics specifically.
  • To support the work of the Canterbury Society and the Canterbury SDG Forum in respect of the above.