To showcase excellence in low carbon and biodiversity initiatives and innovations

This is the second year of our Annual Climate Action Awards.  The winners will be announced at a special Awards Ceremony held on Saturday, 9th December and asked to make a short presentation before a high-profile audience.  All organisations/individuals/households who have submitted entries will be invited to the ceremony, which will take place at St Peter’s Methodist Church, St Peter’s Street, Canterbury CT1 2BE on Saturday 9 December.

The Awards Ceremony will be held at the conclusion of our 2023 Canterbury Climate Action Fortnight, which will commence on Monday, 27th November and conclude with our Annual Climate Action Festival on Saturday, 9th December.  Our Climate Action Fortnight will also coincide with COP28 taking place in Dubai.  As a UNFCCC COP accredited organisation, CCAP will ensure that the award winners receive significant national and international attention.

Entries for the Awards should be from organisations/ individuals/households based or residing in Canterbury District or elsewhere in Kent.

The aims of the award are to:

  • Encourage cross sector collaboration in the fight against climate change
  • Create a knowledge share of successful initiatives
  • Support the transition to a low carbon economy
  • Increase the environmental credentials of the winners
  • Create a platform for environmental competition
  • Engage with students and youth and encourage new ideas
  • Provide important recognition for those who excel
  • Promote Corporate Social Responsibility for local businesses

 The Climate Action Awards will be comprised of Six Categories

  • Business – Business Improvement District, Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises, Corporates, Agriculture
  • Education – Higher/Further
  • Education – Secondary/Primary
  • Community Action – Civil Society Organisations, Residents’ Associations, Faith Groups, Charities, Youth Groups
  • Partnerships – Groups and organisations working together to address climate change and biodiversity
  • Individual Action – “Carbon Heroes” – individuals/households who have made exceptional personal contribution in the fight against climate change.

The Criteria for the Climate Action Awards

        The project/initiative must:

  • Present a reduction in carbon and/or increases biodiversity.
  • Supply evidence of the qualitative and quantitative impact of the initiative.
  • Provide details of any innovations in the development or delivery of a carbon reducing or biodiversity solution.

To enter or nominate an entry for an award, please complete the entry form and submit by e-mail together with relevant photos of the project concerned to: (email address for Climate Action Award entries only)

Entrants will need to provide a 50-word summary of their project with one photo, and this alone will be included for public viewing on the website, to highlight the good work being done.

Please note – the deadline for submission of entries  is 24 November 2023.


  1. I would like to nominate our company SECWORKS GROUP to be recognised for changing all our perspex over to Greencast (100% recycled and recyclable alternative. By introducing and promoting vegtable based printing inks, sourcing pvc alternative and fazing out oil based vinyl widely used in the industry.
    Educating clients on friendlier options.
    In 27 months we have reduced our our waste landfill by 81% by repurposing stock, donating & repurposing

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