Update on Support Judicial Review of  Manston Airport DCO

Update on Support Judicial Review of Manston Airport DCO


A very sincere “Thank you!” to everyone who has supported this campaign from its beginnings in 2020.

The hearing is now a week away and the fund stands at just under 90% of the amount needed to pay legal bills and costs. Now is the time to donate to the current crowd funder if you’ve been thinking about getting round to it – or, if you are able, to make an additional contribution, no matter how small.

This judicial review will focus on just two areas, Need and Climate Change, making it very much in tune with the times and with the Climate Change Committee’s 2023 Progress Report to Parliament released today.
In a summary of the report, the Guardian said:

“The committee warned that the UK could no longer expand any of its airports without closures or shrinking of capacity elsewhere but the government seems not to have accepted this.”

The report recommends making the National Planning Policy Framework consistent with Net Zero and calls for “a suite of policy and technology options to address aviation demand” while stressing the need for a framework to manage airport capacity:

“There has been continued airport expansion in recent years, counter to our assessment that there should be no net airport expansion across the UK. No airport expansions should proceed until a UK-wide capacity management framework is in place to assess annually and, if required, control sector CO2 emissions and non-CO2 effects.”

It is not too late for the Department for Transport to re-assess the decision to grant a Development Consent Order for the re-opening and development of the former Manston Airport.

In today’s climate constrained world it makes no environmental or economic sense.

Jenny Dawes via CrowdJustice

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